One man's adventure turning adversity into opportunity with a Masters in Business Administration.

What is MBA Launch Pad and why does it matter ?

Have you ever reached a point in your life when you felt like you needed a reboot or a relaunch ? I know I have.

Not so long ago I was made redundant, the last in a line of events that brought me to this point.

Faced once again with finding employment, 600 job applications later and having exhausted all means of financial support, I decided it was time to step up.

Having built a series of businesses which I bootstrapped to six figures the financial crisis came, customers went bust owing me money and I was forced to return to salaried employment.   This time around I’m not yet in a position to start a new venture which can support my new family and I, so in the short term I’ve decided to leverage my skills and experiences.

So after 20 years of ups and downs and despite lacking the immediate funds to do so, I’ve decided to pursue something that will stay with me for the next 20 years of my life and help make tomorrow’s business better for everyone, an MBA.

Whilst there is much more to this story (and more to come), I know you don’t have a lot of time so …..

If you stick around this site or sign up to my newsletter you might just find out everything you need to know about the value of an MBA, the MBA interview process, getting offered a place, funding your MBA, life while attending an MBA school, and what happens after an MBA from a real life mature MBA student and somewhere along the way you might just read a thing or two that could inspire you to step up and relaunch yourself, get you into the school of your dreams, become an entrepreneur or access the education you need to be a better version of you!

You can also find out more about my professional background on my My LinkedIn Profile and I’d be happy to provide more detail on request to those that need it.

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