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So What Happens After The MBA Interviews Are Over

Its been a while since I last posted on this blog and some of you might be wondering so what happens after the MBA interview.  For a lot of students it’s a waiting game for the course to begin.  Personally I’m doing everything I can to ensure I make the most of this opportunity, so here’s whats been happening;

My Personal Life After The Business School Interviews

Whilst this doesn’t exactly form part of my MBA plan it is something important that I need to work with and that’s our new (in fact first) addition to the family, our baby girl Mia, who I’m sure will be doing everything (unintentionally) in her power to make this adventure just ever so slightly more challenging in the loveliest possible way.

baby mia joins mba team windley

Because of the limited floor space in our town house I took it upon myself to design and build a multi utility garden room which will act as a shed, utility and office.  The design is complete and the main structural components are on order with the build due to commence on the 1st of September with friends and family ready to lend a hand.  This will be a big help once it’s complete as I’m currently working on our lounge/diner table so we struggle to eat at the dinner table and just don’t have the space downstairs with the little ones kit and caboodle.  I’m sure most people won’t have this on their list of answers to what happens after the MBA interview.

mba office garden room


I’ve also been busy with my mentoring having joined a London-based marketing accelerator helping B2C and B2SME customers grow rapidly and become one of Andy Street’s West Midlands Mayor’s Mentors helping younger people on their journey because I wish I’d had a mentor over my career and you should always be willing to give back in whatever way you can.

Networking Activity Post MBA Offers

Whilst journeying online I came across an established Aston entrepreneur, Rod Turner, who now runs Manhattan Capital in the US.  Rod’s had quite a journey and we had an interesting session over Skype and an open connection has been established.

In addition to this I came across Trevor Power at an Aston networking event who is the Director of IP & Commercialisation at Aston, and we met up again to discuss involvement in various spin outs.

During this course I’ve also had a number of meetings with Angel investors which will come in handy for the new business ventures I’m working on below.

I also gathered some insight about the course from recent Aston MBA grad Michael Mckay and started making connections with the 2017/18 cohort, getting involved in the Aston MBA online Facebook community.

Other networking activities are in relation to potential partnerships and other opportunities which I’ll share later on.

Networking is probably one of the key activities for what happens after the MBA interview.

MBA Preparation Before Masters Course Starts

I’ve been working on this site and the basis of my fundraising pitch to raise the remaining balance of the course fees

I’m also a believer in continuous education so I’m currently working my way through an online mini MBA course from VC and MBA Professor Chris Haroun.

Business Readiness For Next Phase Launch

I’m currently working on a couple of business ideas which I’ll be developing or even launching during the course of my MBA.

The first is a new fund based on a model with a proven IRR of 34% and a success rate of 80% which is considerably lower risk than funding most startups.

In addition to this I have an IoT / Big Data / AI interest which I’m working on also.

Wait! I Just Want Some Simple Advice About What Happens After The MBA Interview

There is no need to be asking yourself what to do after MBA interview session have finished.  Its simple, if you’re serious about making things happen then get moving!  However, if you’re more concerned with the simpler things like post mba interview etiquette then always send a thank you note to the people that set-up the interview and the individual(s) who interviewed you and maybe share an insight or two that you learned from the experience.


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