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The Warwick MBA Application & Business School Interview

Warwick MBAThe Warwick MBA was my final application on this journey based on the business schools I had selected which fitted my MBA criteria.

Warwick Business School was interesting as it was further away from me than Aston and Birmingham, however it was close enough to travel by private or public transport and was well recognised and highly ranked (the highest of all 3) and I almost went there, like Birmingham, to study my Electronics Degree.  I believe that latest ranking by The Economist places Warwick first in the UK and 20th in the world for creating entrepreneurial, creative and effective leaders.

Warwick MBA Ranking The Economist

See the Economist MBA Full-Time Course/School Comparison App yourself.

Like Birmingham and Aston ,WBS offers full-time, distance learning or online and executive MBA courses.  As with the other schools my initial interest was on the fulltime course because of speed and getting back into the world of business, however I would also consider an executive course or even a distance / online course depending on how things developed.

I was expecting the online application to be more challenging, however it was similar to Birmingham’s generic style job application format and not as thought-provoking as Aston so you need to make the most of your application letter to differentiate yourself and get the interview, where you can then develop your case further.

Given the knowledge I’d already built up with Aston and Birmingham I decided to apply directly and ask questions later.

Submitted My Warwick MBA Application – 15/03/17

I was simultaneously working on the Birmingham and Warwick MBA applications at the same time due to similarities in their format so the dates for the two submissions are very similar.

Warwick MBA Application Acknowledgement

Warwick Interview Scheduled For The MBA Course  – 12/04/17

As with Birmingham it took a month for my application to be processed and was eventually shortlisted for interview, the surprise this time was that it would be face to face on campus interview instead of the Skype interviews I had previously done.  This for me was a great opportunity to be myself having spent many years in sales and leadership positions.  Cordelia from the masters recruitment team kindly advised me.

Warwick MBA Interview Selection

A week later, and after numerous email exchanges about dates and times, Cordelia was able to confirm my interview with Claire McKeown, Recruitment Manager for the Warwick MBA programme at Warwick Business School.  I decided to opt for the morning and get it out of the way leaving me the rest of the day to work on other things.

Warwick MBA Interview Confirmation

The interview, unlike the others, was conducted face to face and lasted a good few hours.  Unfortunately I was unable to record it or capture any moments, however I did have a meeting with …. careers

What was clear from meeting the team was that post recession, MBA courses are now getting oversubscribed in the UK and places are filling much more quickly so with my late application, funding situation and other challenges this was going down to the wire.  Anybody applying should do so as early as possible to avoid this situation, however life sometimes doesn’t always present you with those choices.

Received A Study Offer For The Warwick MBA – 12/04/17

This was the first piece of good news from Cordelia that I had been offered a place to study;

Warwick MBA Conditional Offer

Part of the conditional offer (over and above the usual references, certificate and transcripts) was the successful completion of a range of SHL tests, similar to GMAT, to test inductive, verbal and numerical skills.

Received MBA Scholarship Offer From Warwick – 12/04/17


Warwick MBA Scholarship

Warwick MBA Careers Interview – 27/04/17

Met with Sue Thorn over Skype to discuss career options and leveraging networks.

warwick mba careers interview

Received Upgrade To Initial Scholarship Offer At WBS – 01/06/17

On the strength of my candidacy and with the support of Claire at WBS the board awarded me a further 25% bringing my scholarship award to 50% of the course fees which is absolutely fantastic.


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