One man's adventure turning adversity into opportunity with a Masters in Business Administration.

B School MBA Manifesto

I’ve decided to start encapsulating my hopes in this Launch Pad MBA Manifesto which I believe this journey (including developing and attending a top business school) will give others or help me change;

Doing good is good for business.

  • Inspiration after redundancy or motivation to those facing obstacles on their personal journey.
  • A resource that promotes the value of business education and the scientific approach behind the MBA.
  • The value of technical skills as a foundation for developing stronger business skills and a catalyst for innovation.
  • That you’re never too old to learn something new or do something challenging.
  • Break the stereotype of MBA’s being mostly finance people or bankers with a lack of applied business experience.
  • Place innovation high on the MBA skill set ensuring turnarounds and step changers have a long-term business future.
  • Realisation that nobody is self-made and we all need and have had throughout our lives help and support from others.
  • That you can be in a better position to give back to the world of business, technology and society.
  • More accountability, responsibility and openness in business which is why I’ve decided to do this in the public domain.
  • A solid bridge between academia and the world of business.
  • An insight into the support that individuals, businesses, education and funders give others on their journey.
  • That failure is the ONLY stepping towards success.
  • The importance of good leadership and entrepreneurship to secure the UK’s future after Brexit.
  • Greater responsibility towards the environment and our communities from businesses which are after all micro systems operating in a larger macro system as decisions we make impact on us all and everything supporting life.
  • Investing in people is more sustainable than investing in products or services which have a much shorter life.
  • That super generalists (good at lots of different things) are becoming increasingly important in an increasingly complex and challenging world.
  • Business is more than just a tool for making money, it’s a framework for creating change that can ultimately impact life and release greater shared value.
  • Ensure the application of Enlightened Shareholder Value from section 172 of the Companies Act is actually employed by using good judgement.