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My Aston MBA Application & Business School Interview

Aston MBAThis page details my journey applying and interviewing for the Aston MBA course as well as any responses from Aston Business School including offers of any places to study as well as any scholarships I’ve been offered to assist with funding.  As well as an overview of the process I’ll also provide any details I find that might help potential students determine Aston Masters in Business Administration rankings and provide links to the Aston MBA Alumni network.

Aston Business School was actually the last school I applied for as I originally emailed about a redundancy scholarship and didn’t receive a response.  However I realised that I might get a more favourable response or at least more about what was on offer if I applied.  In addition I’d received advice from senior engineers turned directors who had attended the short 6 month programmes and found them very good, so this was encouraging.

The application process is similar in some ways to the forms used when applying for a job.  They take a look at both your academic history as well as work experience.  What I find most interesting about the Aston MBA application form which I didn’t find from any other school was the inclusion of some very reflective or retrospective questions which I felt gave applicants a better opportunity to individualise themselves.

Aston MBA Rankings & League Tables

Aston Business School might be small, however it operates like a top performing, highly professional organisation.  Let’s see how it’s the Aston MBA ranking is doing accordingly to different perspectives;

Aston MBA Rankings and League Table Positions

You can find the most recent results here.  Overall Aston University ranks well also;

Aston University rankings

Most recent recognition for the school can be found here.

Aston MBA Application Submitted – 22/03/17

Once I managed to complete the application form which took a while I received the following email response confirming my application had been submitted and issue me with a unique reference number.

Aston MBA Application Confirmation

Aston MBA Interview Scheduled – 28/03/17

Not long after my application was submitted an interview was setup.  I asked some questions to get a feel for what I might be facing as this would also be good experience for any other MBA applications pending if for any reason I was not successful with Aston.

Aston MBA Interview Scheduled

Not long after that an interview was schedule on Skype with Kirit Vaidya the programme director with help from Tom Barker-Smith the admissions officer for the school.

Aston MBA Skype Interview

An interview was then conducted over Skype;

Aston MBA skype interview

During the close of the interview Kirit was kind enough to indicate that an offer would be forthcoming for the programme which was very kind.

Aston MBA Study Offer Received – 31/03/17

I was amazed how quickly Aston responded once the interview had concluded and I guess they could see the value in the experience that I would bring to the cohort and the fact that my interview was with the programme director meant he had first hand experience dealing with me and was able to respond quickly.

Aston MBA Offer

Aston MBA Scholarship Received – 31/03/17

Not long after the offer of a place I received notification of the first scholarship which was also superb news.

Aston was the fastest to respond and make an offer to study with scholarship.  Their speed is mostly down to the fact that they are the smallest of the business schools I applied too and the interview and application process is mostly direct with the programme director.

Meeting With Programme Director For Aston MBA – 19/04/17

Met face to face with Kirit and Tom to discuss the course and some ideas I had around funding.

Meeting Aston MBA Programme Director

Attended MBA Open Event At Aston Business School – 27/04/17

Got to meet some of the potential cohort for the Executive (part-time) MBA course.  As this was the Exec course the open event started at 7am and went on until 9am and there were a few tired faces in attendance.  We hears from students currently on the course and got to see how they were not applying what they had learned and the impact it was having on their businesses.  Aston also gave an overview of the programme and the Aston Edge for professional development all of which was really useful for comparing to the full-time course.

Attending Aston MBA Open Event

During this session Kirit informed me about a new aston scholarship that was due to be released which could potentially be worth around £10K.  I’m on the list to receive a notification when it is released and to find out how to apply for the Future Leaders / Entrepreneurs Scholarship.

A full list of the Aston MBA scholarships can be found here.

Aston Business School Networking Event – 21/06/17

I took the opportunity during the evening to get more active in the school before attending the full time course and amongst many of the interesting people I met there was Trevor Power, Director of IP & Commercialisation for Aston University who was interested in introducing experienced individuals and MBA students to the schools tech spin-outs and startups.

Aston MBA Scholarship Update – 26/06/17

Having been awarded the Business Excellence Aston Scholarship I decided to enter the Future Leader / Entrepreneur awards and was pleasantly surprised when they notified me that I had won the Entrepreneur award for 2017!

Aston MBA scholarship award upgrade



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